Urban Problems

Een veilig thuis is (on)betaalbaar 

Voor de buitenwereld oogt Helen* als een normale vrouw. Ze heeft een man, kinderen en een leuke baan. Maar achter gesloten deuren blijkt haar leven toch niet zo perfect als gedacht. In plaats van thui...Read More

Hong Kong’s fight for Freedom

Hong Kong was a British colony from the mid-19th century up until just 25 years ago, in 1997. The British influence is still visible in Hong Kong; many streets have English names, and traffic drives o...Read More

How and Why to Improve Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods. While we all live in one, we rarely give neighborhoods the attention they  should have. I know that I do take them for granted, belittle the possibility of change,  and disreg...Read More

Community garden: the path to a flourishing neighborhood

In the north of Tilburg lies a small neighborhood, Stokhasselt South. It does not take a long walk through the streets to appreciate this part of the city. In the calmness of the neighborhood, you can...Read More

The power of public art: A community Mural in Stokhasselt-Noord

Walking around Tilburg, there is a neighborhood called Stokhasselt-Noord, a place that is home to many immigrants in the Netherlands. This neighborhood is not considered to be very nice in comparison ...Read More

How the Kibbutz used to maximize Meaning in Life but forgot about Happiness

Have you ever thought about how the neighborhood you live in affects your life? In the social sciences, sociologists have been dealing with this question for a long time.  Already in the 1970s re...Read More

Rising Educational Inequality among Dutch Students

This is a summary of the policy brief of Melissa Balla for the course The Social Structure of Western Societies. Learning loss involves the loss of any form of knowledge or skill, including regular ch...Read More

State of Flow and Wellbeing: Why Neighbourhood Characteristics Matter

Think about your neighbourhood. What places do you enjoy going to? What are your favourite spots? Imagine areas that bring you joy, or perhaps where you feel relaxed. What are you doing there? For me ...Read More

Analyzing Dutch Market Trends: How a Weekly, Artisanal Market Lead to a New, Cohesive Neighbourhood

For the last few years, around the world, people have been confined to their houses in isolation from their typical environments to do their part in coronavirus protection. After months of suffering, ...Read More

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