Urban Problems

An arms race for public attention. Should social movements be concerned with alienating the general public ?

Social movements have a lot of competition in their bid for public attention, they have to compete with other but also with the global and national news cycles occurring at any point. Looking at the c...Read More

The new Dutch pillarization

Segregation in the Dutch educational system EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Education increasingly is a demarcating factor in Dutch society, which has consequences for,  among other things, political voting an...Read More

Mental health and income during COVID-19

Increasing mental health problems among lower social classes in the United Kingdom EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mental health problems seemed to have worsened during COVID-19, partly because of increasing income...Read More

Why should we talk more? 

Imagine you are a 19-year-old adolescent walking through your neighbourhood. You realise you almost don’t know anybody in the neighbourhood except for maybe the neighbours. Interaction with other resi...Read More

Let’s celebrate Bloemenoord – and how this will increase social involvement

Authors: Ariane Julien, Piet Verschoor Schoenmakers & Daan Voois One of the questions that people have been discussing for millennia, is the question of ‘what is the purpose of life’. Is there eve...Read More

Interaction in the neighbourhood

A blogpost written by Florian Budde, Kiora Koolen and Sander de Kok. On Tuesday, March the 7th we went on a field trip to Waalwijk to examine how two of the neighborhoods in town were organized and if...Read More

From Lost Skills to New Friends: The Power of Skill-Share 

Written by: Bo van Baest, David Cacín Brouwer & Sophie van Dooijeweert It was a rainy day when we went on a field trip to visit the bordering neighbourhoods of Bloemenoord and Meerdijk. This field...Read More

HOW TO: Encourage the social interactions between neighborhoods

A blogpost written by Evi Houweling and Charlotte Kuijpers. Being healthy is a fundamental human desire as it enables individuals to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life, pursue their goals and aspira...Read More

A happy walk for a better community

Authors: Allison Wille Barron Sierra, Jing Rou Lum and Sem Gordijn Imagine being a part of a walking group that wants to increase social cohesion and well-being in your community. As you join the grou...Read More

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