Author guidelines

Socio-hub is a platform with a high demand for quality content. We reserve the right to take editorial decisions without any intrusion from the owners of a publication. Preliminary, the submission of any kind of content will be limited to alumni, researchers, lectures and students from Tilburg University and after parties from the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. You can reach Socio-hub team by accessing the official website or send us an e-mail at hello @


Language and style

The visual and written content will be made available in English and / or Dutch on the official website. Contribution in any other language will not be taken into consideration.

In order to take into account a submission, the quality of the content has to be high. Points such as grammar, spelling or even choice of words will be verified and analysed before publication. 

Regarding the choice of words, the following is absolutely prohibited on our platform: Any form of discrimination, racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia, non-sociological and materials with anti-societal purpose, vax populism, materials with the intent to call for hate in any form, anti-human rights materials. 

We take the right not to publish content in case of major problems regarding these points. This is only a proofread of your work and we do not intend to rewrite papers.

The level of your text regarding language has to be proper and targeted to a vast and multicultural audience. Most of the authors and readers of our work are in the situation of having the English language as a second or third language. That is why, the text has to combine an academic style characterized by academic experience and journalistic style with an explanatory, clear and accessible language. In order to be clearly understood, we advise you to use an explanatory and easy-to-read language. The purpose of the publications is an educational one and we are searching for people with the ability to easily express their analysis and ideas. 


In this way, the responsibility and freedom of choosing to choose a good layout for the visual content is yours. Summarising the guidelines for formatting the texts (i.e., blog posts) and visual materials (e.g., infographics, factsheets, video clips) published on the website are made available to all authors. Your publication will depend on following the guidelines indicated in the manuals. We kindly ask you to consult them, as well as the examples provided. However, the responsibility and freedom to choose a good layout for the visual content and a proper text is yours.



We take it very seriously when it comes to plagiarism situations. In brief, plagiarism is prohibited. You, as the author, have the responsibility to ensure that you have properly referenced all sources of information that you refer to in your text. 

Facts & peer review

Your publication should and must be based on empirical evidence. More than that, we care about accuracy and fact-proof. Your work can and will be peer-reviewed by our team.

High-quality content

One of our important goals is to publish and provide high-quality and accurate content. We aim to provide quality materials at academic levels and our criteria includes the following most important points:

  • Arguments 
    • We do not accept publications based on (unfounded) personal opinions and/or personal feelings. All your work should and must be based /have an academic based solidly.
  • References
    • We encourage the authors to provide references from their sources whenever possible. This leads to a better understanding of your work.
  • Empirical evidence 
    • Your work, in most of the situations, must be based on empirical evidence. Evidence such as data, academic papers etc. This can be provided to the reader by using attachments of hyperlinks connected to the main source of the presented information. 

Societal relevance, societal impact and scientific relevance

Socio-Hub aims to provide academic materials accessible to the non-academic world (larger society).  We produce and provide materials through our website and on multiple social media platforms with the purpose to better understand our society. Our final aim is to create an easy-to-walk bridge between academia and no-academia. The societal impact in academia, for most of the stakeholders, is connected with the results and effects of science and education. That is why we, at Socio-Hub, aim to provide: educational materials based on academic and scientific information. 

*Any form of negative association in any possible ways and circumstances will be sanctioned with automatic removal of the prohibited content from all platforms related to Socio-Hub.