The new Dutch pillarization

Segregation in the Dutch educational system EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Education increasingly is a demarcating factor in Dutch society, which has consequences for,  among other things, political voting and social interactions. One potential reason that t...Read More

Mental health and income during COVID-19

Increasing mental health problems among lower social classes in the United Kingdom EXECUTIVE SUMMARY...Read More

Why should we talk more? 

Imagine you are a 19-year-old adolescent walking through your neighbourhood. You realise you almost ...Read More

Let’s celebrate Bloemenoord – and how this will increase social involvement

Authors: Ariane Julien, Piet Verschoor Schoenmakers & Daan Voois One of the questions that peopl...Read More

Interaction in the neighbourhood

A blogpost written by Florian Budde, Kiora Koolen and Sander de Kok. On Tuesday, March the 7th we we...Read More


Rising Educational Inequality among Dutch Students

This is a summary of the policy brief of Melissa Balla for the course The Social Structure of Western Societies. Learning loss involves the loss of any form of knowledge or skill, including regular changes in study progress, for e...Read More

How the Kibbutz used to maximize Meaning in Life but forgot about Happiness

Have you ever thought about how the neighborhood you live in affects your life? In the social sciences, sociologists have been dealing with this question for a long time.  Already in the 1970s researchers found that when peop...Read More

Community garden: the path to a flourishing neighborhood

In the north of Tilburg lies a small neighborhood, Stokhasselt South. It does not take a long walk through the streets to appreciate this part of the city. In the calmness of the neighborhood, you can hear the birds sing. The resi...Read More

How and Why to Improve Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods. While we all live in one, we rarely give neighborhoods the attention they  should have. I know that I do take them for granted, belittle the possibility of change,  and disregard my own potential influence...Read More

Stage lopen als beleidsmedewerker

25 jaar oud ben ik, dat is al iets ouder dan de gemiddelde derdejaars Sociologie student. Ook heb ik niet het meest gemiddelde pad bewandeld om op de universiteit terecht te komen. Ik kom namelijk niet vanuit het VWO, maar heb een...Read More

Public-oriented writing: a workshop on science journalism, from tough academic text to an attractive article.

Last year on November 1st, Univers, Versot and Socio-Hub organized a workshop called Public-oriented writing. This workshop was given by Univers journalists Simone Vermeeren and Doetie Talsma. During this workshop they explained h...Read More