A neighborhood with unfulfilled potential

In the South of Tilburg city center lies the Uitvindersbuurt. Even though the name might suggest an inventive area (“Inventors neighborhood”) when you observe the place it does not seem as if there has been so much creative thought regarding the impr...Read More

How ‘us’ and ‘them’ can become one

As the phrase “birds of a feather flock together’’ suggests, we seek contact with people who are sim...Read More

Wie is het fi(e)tst?

Sinds het eerste Covid-19 geval in Wuhan is het snel gegaan. In een moordend tempo nam het coronavir...Read More

Wordt chronisch overgewicht onze volgende pandemie?

Afvallen, terwijl bewegen moeilijk, zo niet onmogelijk is. Kent u het probleem? Ik (Tom) heb ook ove...Read More

Samen spelen in een pandemie

Mentale gezondheid van kinderen tijdens het coronavirus In 2020 bereikte het coronavirus Nederland, ...Read More


Undoing self-care from the “self”

Ever since the time of the ancient Greeks, human beings are said to be destined to take care of themselves. Back then, taking care of oneself was regarded both a privilege and a duty. A privilege because taking care of ourselves i...Read More

Exercising depression

There is a disease whose symptoms are present in most people at some time during their life. This disease usually infects its host in adolescence or early adulthood, but can effect anyone. You almost certainly know someone sufferi...Read More

Flinke gezondheidsproblemen bij kinderen door corona

De speeltoestellen zijn leger dan normaal en je hoort weinig geluiden van kinderen die buiten spelen. Door het raam zie je net een kind voor de computer zitten om te gaan gamen met zijn vrienden. Een paar jaar geleden zat hij nog...Read More

My internship at the Sociology department: not what I expected

Since the very beginning of my bachelor in International Sociology I was told that, in the 3rd year of my studies, I would have to do an internship in order to graduate. ‘Internship’ – one of those words that I have always h...Read More

Neighbours living apart: Communities fighting obesity

In Tilburg there is a neighbourhood called Vlashof, almost identical to the surrounding neighbourhoods. It’s made up of grey paved streets flanked by terraced houses, with square gardens out back. Seven-storey apartment blocks squ...Read More

Going the Dutch way

I have often been told that theory is important and that it is the best ground on which you can build upon. However, after concluding my bachelor in sociology, not even thinking about this, helped me to not spiral into an existent...Read More