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Hong Kong’s fight for Freedom

Hong Kong was a British colony from the mid-19th century up until just 25 years ago, in 1997. The British influence is still visible in Hong Kong; many streets have English names, and traffic drives o...Read More

Fair Trade Movement: Taking advantage of consumerism?

Mainstream economists would expect consumers to always seek the cheapest good, regardless of its quality. People, however, are increasingly looking for purchases that, although more expensive, respect...Read More

Finding meaning just like Rick?

Throughout human history, people have always tried to assign meaning to their lives. Believing that the world was created by a God who lets everything happen on purpose is extremely comforting. Howeve...Read More

Mediaframing: Vergif of een tovermiddel voor armoede?

Mijn universitaire docente vroeg recent aan ons in een college wat wij verstaan onder het begrip ‘armoede’. Persoonlijk dook meteen het beeld van kinderen met hongerbuikjes, vliegjes in het oog, en zi...Read More

Workplace engagement – a mutually beneficial mindset?

Jobs are a shared human experience – almost every adult has one, and feels a certain way about it. This opinion can range from total dissatisfaction with the workplace to feeling deeply connecte...Read More

Public-oriented writing: a workshop on science journalism, from tough academic text to an attractive article.

Last year on November 1st, Univers, Versot and Socio-Hub organized a workshop called Public-oriented writing. This workshop was given by Univers journalists Simone Vermeeren and Doetie Talsma. During ...Read More

This is a (straight) man’s world: life without social movements

What would life in The Netherlands resemble if it were not for social movements? Would it be similar to the country we know today? While it is impossible to answer such hypothetical questions, we can ...Read More

Can music change the world?

From magnizdat to feminist-punk Take a look at the picture to the left. You might find it beautiful aesthetically, if you like bones. But this record was not made like this for its macabre appearance,...Read More

Do violent activists get what they want?

With the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, unrest broke out across the United States. While yearly thousands of activists come together peacefully, now the amount of participants using violence to...Read More

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