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Tourists Go Home! Anti-Tourism as a Social Movement

The gradual increase of the tourism industry over the last two decades (see figure 1) has come paired with the surfacing of anti-tourism attitudes. After the Covid-19 pandemic, these attitudes have fl...Read More

The fruit is not all rotten: Feminists’ attempt to build an alternative Russia

Can social movements change the world? Russia’s reputation appears damaged by the events of the last year and a half. However, it is  simplistic to portray the country as a one-component-actor. P...Read More

The new Dutch pillarization

Segregation in the Dutch educational system EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Education increasingly is a demarcating factor in Dutch society, which has consequences for,  among other things, political voting an...Read More

Why restrict migration? It is time for open borders!

Imagine there’s no countries (…). You may say I´m a dreamer, But I´m not the only one” – John Lennon, 19711  Many asylum seekers come from far away, escaping in overcrowded and leaky boats,...Read More

Universal Credit and unemployment rates in the United Kingdom

by Fabiana Alberda & Margot Keijzer Introduction At this moment, nearly 1.25 million people in the United Kingdom (UK) are unemployed (Statista, 2022). Many reasons can be attributed to these numb...Read More

Can a movement change something in a money driven industry? It almost seems impossible.

Every time news headlines are filled with yet another deadly school shooting in the US, the world seems to be in shock. As recent as May of this year, leaders from around the world offered their condo...Read More

We could have changed the world…but they killed us. Anti-globalization movement: From an extraordinary operation of mesomobilization to tragic state repression in the Genoa of 2001

When it comes to the days of Genoa, the temptation to simplify something that instead is exceptionally complicated and complex is great. As is so when we speak about the emergence and development of t...Read More

#Influenced; can influencers change the world?

Greenfluencers in Slovakia  In 2020, in little more than over a month, a group of six Slovaks accomplished the unthinkable that was even out of reach for the most esteemed environmental organizat...Read More

Why Trump’s great wall might not be such a
great idea

“I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.” Maybe these words sound familiar. In the 2016 elections and his later presidency, Donald Trump prom...Read More