Ongelijkheid en Armoede

Universal Credit and unemployment rates in the United Kingdom

by Fabiana Alberda & Margot Keijzer Introduction At this moment, nearly 1.25 million people in the United Kingdom (UK) are unemployed (Statista, 2022). Many reasons can be attributed to these numb...Read More

Sociaaleconomische status en gezondheidsongelijkheid: Een literatuurstudie over de relatie tussen sociaaleconomische status, fysieke gezondheid en cultureel en economisch kapitaal.

I. Introductie De jongere generatie inwoners van de Europese Unie leven gemiddeld langer en gezonder dan hun voorgangers, echter bestaan er grote sociaaleconomische gezondheidsverschillen tussen en bi...Read More

A Rose by Any Other Name: Considering Professional Women-Only  Networks as a Social Movement

Over the past decades, female participation in the labour market has increased significantly. Yet there are frequent  reports of continued gender inequalities in employment context, such as persistent...Read More

The Gender Pension Gap: Assessing the Interaction between Pension System Reform, Care Credits, and Gendered Old-Age Poverty in Sweden and The Netherlands

In recent years, there has been a growing concern for the emergence of a gender pension gap (EIGE, 2022a). This gap signals an increase in inequalities in economic resources in old age and is associat...Read More

Een veilig thuis is (on)betaalbaar 

Voor de buitenwereld oogt Helen* als een normale vrouw. Ze heeft een man, kinderen en een leuke baan. Maar achter gesloten deuren blijkt haar leven toch niet zo perfect als gedacht. In plaats van thui...Read More

Ruth Bader Ginsberg and litigation activism in social movement theory – A sociological analysis

A feminist symbol, a popculture icon, a viral sensational, a supreme court justice. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is widely considered an emblem for change, fighting battles for gender equality and women’s righ...Read More

Institutional epistemic justice and group integration

In the following essay, I will provide an argument for how institutional epistemic virtues are not always achievable by group integration as argued by Anderson when trying to combat epistemic injustic...Read More

Black Lives Matter is here to stay

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a large social movement from the US, which fights for racial equality. They try to achieve this by attempting to change the systems and policies that uphold white supremacy...Read More

Epistemic Injustice in a Global Context: Fricker vs Anderson

In the following I am going to explain why I think that considering education as a legitimate marker of credibility, as Andersson suggests, is problematic, at least in a global context and along the l...Read More

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