Will the animal rights movement ever shift society’s view on eating meat in the US? 

A side of meat is an unmissable aspect of lunch or dinner for most Americans. From an early age, this has been part of their diet. Ever since the twentieth century, our meat has been mainly produced o...Read More

Mental health and income during COVID-19

Increasing mental health problems among lower social classes in the United Kingdom EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mental health problems seemed to have worsened during COVID-19, partly because of increasing income...Read More

Sociaaleconomische status en gezondheidsongelijkheid: Een literatuurstudie over de relatie tussen sociaaleconomische status, fysieke gezondheid en cultureel en economisch kapitaal.

I. Introductie De jongere generatie inwoners van de Europese Unie leven gemiddeld langer en gezonder dan hun voorgangers, echter bestaan er grote sociaaleconomische gezondheidsverschillen tussen en bi...Read More

The price of lies – Drug campaigns, authenticity and trust

*Note: Cannabis will also be referred to as ‘weed’ and ‘marijuana’. The 1936 anti-drug movie Reefer Madness[1] includes many scenes which have become iconic in American popular culture. Characters goi...Read More

Can veganism be the solution to a looming health crisis? 

Over the past decades, the world population has grown tremendously, both in numbers and in size.  Earth now has almost 8 billion inhabitants who are on average heavier than they were only a few 1...Read More

Community gardening: why not just a garden alone?

According to the American Community Garden Association, “a community garden is somewhere people come together to grow plants and share the benefits of doing so.” [1].  At first sight, it seems to be a...Read More

Gezond leven is een luxe

In Nederland zijn we veel bezig met gezond leven. De Nieuwjaarsvoornemens van de gemiddelde Nederlander bestaan dan ook vaak uit gezonder eten, minder alcohol drinken en met eindelijk eens van de bank...Read More

I am a meat fanatic, and this is my plea on how reduced meat consumption partly alleviates the biggest problems of the 21st century

In this direct attack on the meat industry, I (as the foremost sparerib’s lover in Western Europe) will tell you (the world saviour) why eating less meat is necessary to partially solve today...Read More

Finding meaning just like Rick?

Throughout human history, people have always tried to assign meaning to their lives. Believing that the world was created by a God who lets everything happen on purpose is extremely comforting. Howeve...Read More