Community gardening: why not just a garden alone?

According to the American Community Garden Association, “a community garden is somewhere people come together to grow plants and share the benefits of doing so.” [1].  At first sight, it seems to be a sufficient definition. However,  after digging a ...Read More

Are we truly all in this together? The impact of COVID-19 on socio-economic inequality in education in the U.K.

This is a summary of the policy brief from Romy Oomens for the course The Social Structure of Wester...Read More

Could neighbourhood characteristics be good predictors of adolescents’ levels of self-efficacy and wellbeing?

A neighbourhood is a place where a person spends most of their free time with family or relatives an...Read More

Gezond leven is een luxe

In Nederland zijn we veel bezig met gezond leven. De Nieuwjaarsvoornemens van de gemiddelde Nederlan...Read More

Happy neighbourhood, happy thoughts

Finally, after almost two years of full or partial lockdowns, it is safe to say The Netherlands is f...Read More


How ‘us’ and ‘them’ can become one

As the phrase “birds of a feather flock together’’ suggests, we seek contact with people who are similar to us [1]. While this tendency seems unharmful from the outset, it can become detrimental in heterogeneous neighbourhoods lik...Read More

Undoing self-care from the “self”

Ever since the time of the ancient Greeks, human beings are said to be destined to take care of themselves. Back then, taking care of oneself was regarded both a privilege and a duty. A privilege because taking care of ourselves i...Read More

Stage lopen als beleidsmedewerker

25 jaar oud ben ik, dat is al iets ouder dan de gemiddelde derdejaars Sociologie student. Ook heb ik niet het meest gemiddelde pad bewandeld om op de universiteit terecht te komen. Ik kom namelijk niet vanuit het VWO, maar heb een...Read More

Exercising depression

There is a disease whose symptoms are present in most people at some time during their life. This disease usually infects its host in adolescence or early adulthood, but can effect anyone. You almost certainly know someone sufferi...Read More

“Waar blijft m’n wc-bril?”

Dit is wat mijn inmiddels 73-jarige grootmoeder ongeveer anderhalf jaar geleden tegen mij zei. Door de reuma, waar ze 50 jaar geleden mee werd gediagnosticeerd, is haar fysieke gesteldheid niet wat het zou moeten zijn. Zo woont ze...Read More

Public-oriented writing: a workshop on science journalism, from tough academic text to an attractive article.

Last year on November 1st, Univers, Versot and Socio-Hub organized a workshop called Public-oriented writing. This workshop was given by Univers journalists Simone Vermeeren and Doetie Talsma. During this workshop they explained h...Read More