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A friendly sidewalk for Elderly and Disabled: A policy intervention

Imagine you’ve broken your leg and now you’re in a wheelchair for the upcoming three weeks. It’s late at night in Tilburg and you’re on your way home. Casually you move over the sidewalks, welcoming a...Read More

Neighbours living apart: Communities fighting obesity

In Tilburg there is a neighbourhood called Vlashof, almost identical to the surrounding neighbourhoods. It’s made up of grey paved streets flanked by terraced houses, with square gardens out back. Sev...Read More

Exercising depression

There is a disease whose symptoms are present in most people at some time during their life. This disease usually infects its host in adolescence or early adulthood, but can effect anyone. You almost ...Read More

Undoing self-care from the “self”

Ever since the time of the ancient Greeks, human beings are said to be destined to take care of themselves. Back then, taking care of oneself was regarded both a privilege and a duty. A privilege beca...Read More